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Eric Mattei is a self taught, self funded and self produced musician/songwriter who also performs his own music. 

After a period of personal turmoil; recorded his first full length solo album; “Lonely Commotion” (2007).  “Lonely Commotion” told a story of healing from this tumultuous time. 

 In 2010 Eric released “Start Living.” This album demonstrated a new level of songwriting, musicianship and production as he delved into global topics about our lives on Mother Earth.  From anti-war songs like “For Shame” and the power of unity covered in “Soldiers of the Sun;” to the beautiful songs of love like “My Life for You;” Eric’s message of unity, peace and tolerance was heard throughout his album “Start Living.” 

 Eric Mattei’s latest full length release; “SOLACE” is a true personal expression.  Eric wrote all of the songs, played every instrument on the album, recorded them in his home studio by himself and then mixed and produced the entire project.  SOLACE is an ode to Eric’s love of the guitar.  From ground shaking rockers like the title track “Solace”  and “June 28th” to swinging tracks like “For the Cause” and “Love For Sale” to the delicate sounds of “Father’s Day” and “Yesterday’s Past” to the patriotic “My Country My Home;” SOLACE is the most personal and intimate look into the music of Eric Mattei.

 Eric’s live shows are imbued with a passion for the love of music.  Covered in sweat as he wields his guitar across the stage; Eric has wowed sold out crowds across Ontario.  With a light heart, good musical friend and a mix of covers/originals; Eric Mattei’s live shows always please the audience! 

 Another element of Eric’s music is represented in his philanthropy. Music literally saved Eric’s life in 2007.  He decided to extend the healing power of music to his community when he created “Every Note Counts” along with his lovely wife Amy Cross. “Every Note Counts” is a series of live shows featuringToronto Songwriters.  Each live show supports charities such as the Friends of Music Therapy Program at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto and the Daily Bread Food bank.  To date; Eric Mattei and Amy Cross have raised thousands of dollars for various charities and they continue to raise money with every performance.

Having co-produced with the likes of Jamie Stewart of THE CULT and shared the stage with renowned musicians like Adrian Eccleston (Drake, Kylie Minogue, Nelly Furtado), Lester Mclean, Dizzy D, The Arsenals, David Henman, John Layton, James Campbell of Enter The Haggis, Derek Downham of The Beauties, Handel and Robin Eccleston, a Mariachi band that kicked him off the Dakota stage, and having recorded three full length albums to date; Eric continues to live life to its fullest through music.

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